Differential Hardware Products

The differential podlet was designed with the design engineer in mind. The schematic, parts list, and board layout are all published here without any copyright restrictions. The idea is that one pod does not fit all and YOU might want to modify a podlet to better fit your needs. The circuit board uses one ounce copper so that a user can repeatedly solder in different termination sets without damage/pad lifting.
Each podlet converts 8 input diff pairs to a single-ended output. They draw their power from seperate wires connected to the system under test. The units are shipped without input leadsets. Leadsets are also available.

Differential LVDS/TTL to single-ended TTL converter pod
Each channel is converted via a National Semiconductor DS90LV032A receiver supporting data rates in excess of 400 Mbps (200 MHz). See the National datasheet for the fine points. The inputs have provisions for differential terminations and have resistor-diode input protection from overvoltage. The units are shipped without any input termination connected and a generous supply of 100 ohm termination resistors for use/installation by the user, if desired.

$349.00 each

Note to Aerospace companies: This product is produced on a lead-free assembly line using lead-free solders.
Schematics in .pdf format
Zip'd .pdfs of the board layout
Usage Hints
Link to National Semi datasheet

LVDS Podlet

8 inch differential leadset
$25.00 when ordered with podlets, else $35.00 each.

4 inch differential leadset
$25.00 when ordered with podlets, else $35.00 each.
Differential Leadsets

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